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Adams County #1

County Website URL: https://adamscountyoh.gov/


Adams County is a community of older-aged people who enjoy acres of land, quiet neighborhoods, and shelter from the everyday bustle that city life includes. A majority of the houses are located directly off of empty long, winding highways. They usually sit alone amongst many green or burnt yellow acres, except for the occasional cow or horse. 

The town of Peebles is one of the liveliest of Adams County. The small village exudes heavy sighs through the old-fashioned bricked buildings sheltering more modern companies but appearing older in state. Skeletons of abandoned gas stations line Main Street until the newer paved roads lead to Peebles High School, where busses line up to take students ways down the road to farm houses spaced far apart enough where walking would be unprecedented. In the outskirts of the main drag, low farm houses lay close to the ground, usually adorned by an old rooster or saddle decoration. Atop the roofs are out-of-place looking cable boxes, reaching towards the sky in awkward skeletal angles like a body reaching towards the sky. 

Trees surround the area like giant folds of broccoli, enveloping the small houses in a kind of protection. People are scarcely seen outside, but mostly because there isn't time to see them as you zoom past on the main highway. But occasional a young woman will be standing outside her porch, a squirming baby on her hip and a toddler holding a dump-truck toy in the other. An Amish buggy may pass by every once in awhile, not often but just enough where it's a treat to nod politely as the horses trollop onwards.

Brush Creek State Forest is one of the most popular parks for citizens to visit, especially since most of the community is inclined towards hobbies that have to do with nature. There are 6 different trails that can be taken on bikes, foot and even a small creek that can be used for water activities. Nearby is Hunting at the Edge Of Appalachia Preserve, which is right off of Route 125. Permits are required to hunt but a good portion of the community is already permitted because of the popular hobby of hunting. The most popular game is seasonal birds and deer.

Though it all seems peaceful, there is always work to be done. Lawns are meticulously kept trim, corn mazes are watered well, crops are tended to day and night while any animals are usually let out to wander and graze. If the driveway is too full for any more cars, trucks park on the lawn. Through my journey through Google Earth, I noticed that during the day the neighborhoods and streets were empty - mostly because the day is always busy with work on the farms and in town. Later at night is when cars start appearing on the road, mostly trucks and larger vehicles. 

As for Adams County's economy, income per capita is $17,635 - which includes adults and children. The median household income is $34,743. The larger job positions that the people of Adams County hold are health care and social assistance jobs (16.74%) Next is manufacturing (16.70% of the population) and the third most popular is agriculture. 

I would have liked to take a Google Earth walk through the forest trails and fields that Adams County is known for, but unfortunately program limited me to only the highway. In any case, the people of Adams County are a seemingly quiet people, but are known to be a community of hard workers. 

Interestingly enough, the center of Adams County is so rural that Google Earth cameras don't even have a pathway of pictures. So collecting data and the report about the county came mostly from the slight outskirt areas.

OHIO-41 is a huge networking highway that connects a lot of these small communities. Above is a good example of how rural the area is, with lots of farmland and small housing.

Although the area is largely rural, that doesn't mean the community doesn't have their own activities and hobbies. For example, this social media post shows a few friends in Adams County enjoying a day of hiking and hunting. A lot of Adams County social media posts involve the outdoors, family, nature, hunting, and trucks.

Community Information Needs
- Bigger Public School bus system
- Bigger Social Media connections that represent the county and its popular parks
- Bigger PR staff for popular parks
- Better connections to all the health care they possess


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