Chesterhill Council Works to Preserve Village Landmark


The Chesterhill Village Council held their monthly meeting Monday, Dec. 3, at the Village Hall with Councilwoman Helen Seyfried absent.

Mayor Richard Wetzel asked council to approve the creation of a village account specifically designated to hold funds and donations for the Little Red Schoolhouse. Councilwoman Kathy Smedley made a motion to create the separate fund. Councilman Ron Mayle Jr. seconded the motion and council approved the motion.

Mayor Wetzel asked council to move $500 from the general fund to begin the Little Red Schoolhouse fund. A discussion followed concerning council’s prior approval to survey the property and how council handled the creation of the park around the community center.

Council President Ken Peters made a motion to have the Little Red Schoolhouse property surveyed and to ensure payment of the surveyor. Smedley seconded the motion and council approved.

Village Fiscal Officer Jerrica Simmons reported a bill received by the village from the Ohio Water Development Authority. The bill was a loan processing fee for the upcoming sewer project. The village began billing water customers a sewage fee in November but hasn’t accrued enough revenue in the sewage account to cover the loan processing fee.

Mayor Wetzel advised Simmons to move money from the general fund to the wastewater account to cover the bill due on Dec.15 and when the wastewater account has enough money the amount can be reinstated back into the general fund.

Council discussed just paying the bill from the general fund but then the village wouldn’t be able to have the money reimbursed from the EPA. Simmons said she would log the transaction to show the money from the general fund would be reimbursed back to the general fund when wastewater finances could sustain the wastewater account, likely February.

Councilwoman Chasity Mayle made a motion to approve the transfer and Smedley seconded the motion. Council approved the transfer from the general fund to the wastewater fund to pay the OWDA loan fee and council approved the payment of the loan fee.

Councilwoman Smedley reported a property committee discussion with a township trustee concerning maintenance upkeep of the library. She said no decisions were made but information had been shared.

Council President Peters informed council of a conversation with Mitch Altier about public utility easements and that easements are not normally paid for under circumstances which the village is facing with the sewer project. Peters recommended the village discuss critical juncture easements with Altier and how to handle places where a critical piece of equipment will be located.

Council approved the village revenues and expenditures and will revue the November meeting’s minutes next meeting due to a computer failure.

Village resident Kathryn Nolan asked the village to be better organized and more transparent with their records.

The next Chesterhill Village Council meeting will be held 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 7, at the Village Hall.


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