Meigs County demographics


Over 97% of Meigs County residents are white alone, 1% are black alone, and 1.2% are of two or more races, with smaller groups making up the remaining percentages. Women outnumber men in the county by less than 2%, all according to information on

The census website also says that while 84.2% of people 25 years or older in the county are high school graduates, only 12.9% of people in the same age group hold a bachelor's degree or better, according to data reported between 2011-2015. This is considerably lower than the national average of 30.4% reported by the Census Bureau in 2012.

The median household income between 2011-2015 was $27,813, as reported by the Census Bureau in 2015 dollars. The national average in 2016was $59,039. 22.8% of residents are below the poverty line, which is well above the 2015 national average of 13.5% and the 2016 average of 12.7%.


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