She Shoots, She Scores with Women

Jessemy Bright Teaches Firearm Safety


Jessemy Bright dedicates herself to teaching gun safety and responsibility to members of Meigs County.

“I want to teach women – I had a lot of ladies who were not comfortable. They say it’s a man’s job and they didn’t think it was something they could do or would like,” Bright says. Bright serves her community by replacing fear of firearms with knowledge and respect for them. 

“We had guns in the house growing up. I got to shoot BB guns as a kid and beat all the boys at the annual Thanksgiving competition,” says Jessemy Bright, a National Rifle Association training counselor and certified instructor. She has always been a sharp shot, but Bright does not practice for aim.

Her father uses muzzleloaders among other long-barrel rifles to hunt. Bright’s interest in pistols was born from the notion of home protection.

She and her husband did not want to invest in a firearm that they knew nothing about. Her brother-in-law has experience teaching soldiers how to responsibly handle firearms. He moved back to South Eastern Ohio and sought out civilian contracting in the area.

“We knew he’d be the guy to talk to,” Bright says. “He took my husband and I out into the back woods of West Virginia to a public range. He went over safety rules, how the gun operates, basics of marksmanship.”

The information he imparted on Bright was just enough to spark curiosity. She took it upon herself to take more classes, to read books, and to visit the range frequently. She believes that knowledge breeds respect – and firearms call for utmost respect.

Her brother-in-law saw a need for female instructors. Bright showed interest, so he brought her on as an apprentice. Since then, she has instructed for Patronus Training, a veteran-founded firearms training company in Pomeroy, Ohio.

A smooth metal trigger is all that separates life from death. “My mission is to be an educator and an ambassador,” Bright says. There is empowerment in cognizance. Bright teaches the mechanics, the safety, and the respect for firearms to community members who volunteer for her class.

Aside from being an instructor for Patronus Training, Bright is the Co-Leader of The Well Armed Woman Ohio State Chapter, owner of Scorpion Concealment, founder of Patronus Training Women’s shooting league,  and a wife, and mother to her two daughters. During the week she homeschools her daughters, ages 14 and 8. Weekends are dedicated to travel and training. 

Patronus classes host a wide range of ages, both genders, and all levels of comfort with firearms. 


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