What Would Happen Without Local Journalism?


Where would we get our information? How could we get our information out? Who would really care? Why should we be concerned? Are these questions even relevant?

For numerous reasons, America has become fractured. Multiple media outlets, the mishandling of journalism by the major networks, instantaneous communication methods and longer commute times to our jobs all contribute to the disassociation.

If the local news outlets fail, where would we get our news? Word of mouth? Facebook? CB Radio? Unverifiable sources?

How would we be able to announce our events and achievements? What reliable source would we turn to that our friends and neighbors are likely to use to stay informed?

Is Morgan County relevant enough to have a reliable journalism outlet? It is a community that cannot keep a Subway franchise in business.

Zipit.news is an experimental platform that is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. Our mailer postcards have highlighted individuals within the community and have asked recipients for their opinions and what they value in their news sources. It has been an interesting observation of the community and how things operate.

The survey mailers that were returned were collected and tallied. The information we received was offered to local civic and business leaders who were very disinterested in what was being said.

Zipit.news values what you have to say and would like to invite you to become involved in our attempt to create a community journalism outlet of the people for the people. You don’t need a degree to participate, just a passion for the community you live in.

If you are interested in extending your passion in your voice please contact us at zipit.news@gmail.com.



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